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We are a company founded in 1986, faced to give the best quality in textile cleaning. Since then up to today and in the future our sole purpose is to be the lynchpin to give you the best service with the best value for money to achieve the full satisfaction of each and everyone of our customers.

We are professionals in our sector, with physical and on-line assistance to didactic and practical courses to be always up to new technologies and different new textile compositions. We are prepared to give the maximum service in the minimal time and with the minimal cost and inconvenience for all our customers, large or small ones. We commit ourselves with them, with their needs and with their desires. We always keep in mind the quality and the service spirit. We see ourselfs as professionals and we act as such.

We are professional in our work and we know which are our customer's needs, because we speak the same language, because we know every part of the textile process and because we know how to work, and to do this we have everything what is needed to obtain the intended result, making sure that always and from the beginning up to the end, the best results will be all totally personalized. We are as we feel: PREPARED.

Dry Cleaning
Dry Cleaning

A professional service of cleaning and ironing your clothes.


We care about the rest, the best service for your textiles.


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Private Customers

Personalized service in all the domestic pieces of clothing, such as curtains, carpets, sheets, blankets, duvet covers and pillow covers, man's suits, lady's dresses and high quality furskin, and leather, always looking for the best value for money.


Whether you are a hotel or a banquet hall, restaurant or similar, we are ready to solve your problems of cleaning and ironing of the textile used in your company. We ensure maximum safety and effectiveness in delivery and collection of the cloths.

Delivery Service

In order to enjoy more free time and to be with your loved ones, we will pick up in your own home the garments. Also we will be able to keep your carpets and all your cloths, without additional charges, until you are able to receive them and we will return them to your own home.


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Limpieza en seco
Dry-cleaning process

Having the environment as a major

Limpieza con agua
Water-based cleaning

The efficient and ecological cleaning.

Planchado profesional
Professional ironing

The satisfaction of a job well done.


As natural as possible: Remove the
spots without causing damage.